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MEA Council launches planning blueprint for sustainable future growth and development

Acting Director of Development Paul Duffy, Planning Committee Chair Ald Robert Logan, Principal Planning Officer Sandra Adams

Acting Director of Development Paul Duffy, Planning Committee Chair Ald Robert Logan, Principal Planning Officer Sandra Adams

Mid and East Antrim Borough Council has launched its Local Development Plan 2030 – Plan Strategy, setting out an ambitious vision for future growth and development in the Borough.

The Plan Strategy, which was published and formally adopted by Council on Monday 16 October, provides a framework for critical decision-making on housing, employment, retail and infrastructure, laying out the area’s Local Development Plan vision and strategic objectives.

Alderman Robert Logan, Chair of Mid and East Antrim’s Planning Committee, said it was a plan for everyone – both now and for generations to come - as we collectively work to tackle climate change by enabling more sustainable transport, energy and sustainable drainage systems within the Borough.

He said: “The Local Development Plan is a crucial document that will shape the future of our Borough.  The Plan Strategy is a roadmap, one that will create a stronger Borough, with more employment and an improved quality of life for all in Mid and East Antrim.”

The document provides a spatial growth strategy that indicates, in broad terms, how land allocated for various use types - such as housing and economic uses -will be distributed across the Borough.  

It also defines areas of the countryside which are sensitive or vulnerable to certain forms of development, and where restrictions may apply.

The Plan includes a range of strategic subject policies that have replaced the planning policies contained in the Department for Infrastructure’s Planning Policy Statements.

Aligned with the vision of the Council’s Community Plan ‘Putting People First’, the Local Development Plan 2030 - Plan Strategy aims to create a Borough that supports sustainable economic growth and innovation, infrastructure, the right mix of housing, and improves the wellbeing of our communities.  

Work will now get under way on the second part of the Local Development Plan - the Local Policies Plan. It will be prepared within the framework provided by the Plan Strategy and will incorporate site-specific proposals, such as land-use zonings for housing and economic development, settlement development limits and town centre boundaries.

Alderman Logan added:

"The Council is committed to community engagement, with extensive consultations already conducted to gather input from stakeholders and residents to ensure the Plan Strategy reflects the unique character and needs of the Borough.  

“Council would like to thank those who responded to the public consultations or engaged with the process to date, helping us to identify and define our vision and objectives, and the strategies and policies that flow from them. The Council remains committed to engaging with the community and stakeholders in Mid and East Antrim at the next stage of the Local Development Plan process to enable sustainable development whilst protecting the environment for future generations.”

To view the Plan Strategy document please click here


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