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Male arrested by PSNI Safe Transport Team at Ballymena Train Station

Police have arrested a male over the weekend in Ballymena after he was identified as a priority offender, who had an outstanding money warrant.

Officers from the Safe Transport Team were conducting late evening patrols on the train between Belfast and Coleraine.

A police spokesperson said:

"While on board the train, officers engaged with one male, who they identified as a priority offender and who had an outstanding money warrant.

"Officers detained the male at Ballymena Train Station regarding the money warrant and conducted a search of him. Rather concerningly a knife was located on the male as well as a quantity of Class C Drugs.

"The male was arrested, interviewed and subsequently charged to court for the drug and knife offences as well as other matters of the money warrant and breaching court bail conditions.

"This is an example of how officers are keen to ensure the safety of all those using the transport network."


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