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Local men enjoy fishing at Kilgad to mark Men’s Health Week

As part of Men’s Health Week, local men from the Ballykeel area of Ballymena experienced a fabulous day out fishing at the Kilgad Fishery on Tuesday, June 14.

Organised by the Northern Area Community Network in partnership with Causeway Rural & Urban Network Suicide Prevention Development, the men were able to enjoy having time to chat and laugh, while landing a few catches!

The outdoor environment has been proven to offer great benefits to improve wellbeing, as well as helping to provide a natural boost to mood.

The men of Ballykeel decided to take up this opportunity to take some time out for themselves, learn the skill of fishing, gain information for emotional wellbeing, and acknowledge the need for men to look after their health.

Hannah Graham, Suicide Prevention Development Officer for NACN/CRUN, facilitated the special event and said the day was an all-round success.

Speaking to Love Ballymena, Hannah commented:

“The morning created a great buzz amoung the men - they got active, spent time outdoors together, enjoyed a bite to eat, and the day was so good, they all want to do it again!"

Northern Area Community Network and Causeway Rural & Urban Network are supported by the Public Health Agency, Northern Officer, to increase community involvement in promoting mental health and emotional wellbeing, suicide prevention, bereaved by suicide support and self harm.

The Community Networks provided a range of programmes, all with a community development approach to improve people's quality of life.

NACN/CRUN always welcome community input and would be keen to hear from any community that they could assist.

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