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Lidl Northern Ireland launches its biggest ever Ski range

Lidl Northern Ireland’s Winter Ski Range

Despite being an idyllic season with snow-kissed mountain tops and crisp mornings, winter is a time to keep toasty and warm.

Whether its adding extra layers for your daily morning commute, spectating a sports game or venturing overseas to the glorious winter ski-resorts, look no further than Lidl Northern Ireland as the retailer launches its biggest ever ski range featuring affordable winter essentials to keep the whole family snug this frosty season.

Lidl Northern Ireland’s ski range features a wide variety of outerwear options, including a vast range of high quality jackets, trousers, base layers, boots and accessories for adults and kids - ensuring everyone has the essentials they need to beat the freeze this winter, whether that’s at home or abroad.

Best in Snow

With winter fast approaching, Lidl Northern Ireland is your one-stop-shop for all winter necessities.

Whether planning on spending winter abroad or at home, the ski range will make the long, dark and cold mornings and evenings much more bearable.

Lidl Northern Ireland’s Winter Ski Range

Keep yourself cosy during the school run with Lidl Northern Ireland’s Ski Fleece Jacket for only £11.99 and Winter Sports Socks, for only £3.99. Or for those who enjoy a walking trail over a ski trail, enjoy the idyllic winter views with the warmth of Lidl Northern Ireland’s Thermal Long-Sleeve Top (£7.99), stylish Adult Knitted Sports Hat (£4.99), durable Winter Boots (£17.99) and Ski Gloves (£8.99) will have you ready for any frosty climate.

Lidl Northern Ireland’s range of matching Ski Jacket (£29.99) and Ski Trousers (£19.999) will have you looking the part and ready to embrace the challenges of the winter escapades.

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Winter is always a fun time for kids, with the sights of the garden covered in magical white or the winter weekend explorations. But the fun can soon dwindle when the cold kicks in. That’s why Lidl Northern Ireland’s Ski Week is the perfect time to get all the kids’ essentials for an enjoyable winter season.

Keep their toes and fingers warm for the family winter walks with Lidl Northern Ireland’s Winter Boots (£9.99) and Ski Gloves (£5.99)- perfect for the long-days spent outside, taking in the wonders of winter. Or for the dreaded early mornings going to school, the Kids’ Knitted Hat, for just £3.49, is a must-have to keep the shivers at bay.

Hitting the Slopes

Lidl Northern Ireland’s Winter Ski Range

Thinking of getting the little ones familiar with the slopes this winter? Whether they’re tots and toddlers, or excited kids, the Lidl Northern Ireland Ski Week has plenty of winter wear to suit all the family.

With all in ones and adorable matching sets, like the Baby Snowsuit (£12.99) and the Kids’ Seamless Base Layer Set (£7.99), the kids will be toasty warm for the trips up the slopes. What’s more, Lidl Northern Ireland’s thermal wear, like the Kids’ Thermal Top (£4.99) and Kids’ Fleece Jacket Thermal (£5.99) and Kids’ Ski Jacket (£14.99) are perfect for that extra layer of warmth. 

Lidl Northern Ireland’s Winter Ski Range
Lidl Northern Ireland Winter Ski Range Price List

Lidl Northern Ireland’s Ski Week Event runs from Thursday, 9th November to Wednesday, 15th November in all 41 Lidl stores throughout the region, while stocks last.

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