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Lidl NI launches low calorie high protein Ice Cream range for less than £2.50 a tub

Lidl Northern Ireland adds affordable high protein ice cream, puddings, yogurts and high-quality milk alternatives to everyday range

Lidl Northern Ireland has launched an exciting new high protein range which includes a low-calorie ice cream selection, puddings and a range of yogurt options.

Whether you need some extra protein after a home workout or a snack without the sins, look no further than Lidl Northern Ireland’s new range. The retailer has also introduced new high-quality milk alternatives to their Just Free range if you are looking for affordable but tasty vegan options for your coffee or breakfast.

Lidl Northern Ireland’s new own-brand range of high protein ice-cream is made exclusively for the retailer by Silver Pail Dairy based in Co. Cork and comes in three tasty flavours. With fewer calories (from 289 per tub) than traditional ice-cream, it is the perfect post-workout treat.

Lidl customers can choose from Chocolate, Peanut Butter or Salted Caramel flavours for just £2.39 per tub which is considerably more affordable than similar branded products.

Lidl Northern Ireland has also launched a new range of high protein puddings and yogurts which are low fat with no added sugar. Each pot has 20g of protein and is the ideal healthy on the go snack.

Landing in stores from Thursday 13th April, the £0.95 puddings come in Vanilla and Chocolate flavours, while the yogurts come in a variety of flavours including Blueberry, Raspberry, Cherry and Orange for just £0.89 each meaning there is something for all tastes.

If you are looking for an affordable, high-quality milk alternative, look no further than Lidl’s latest additions to the Just Free range. These vegan milk alternatives are made with just four ingredients and come in Almond Barista for the coffee lovers and Oat for just £1.19 each. Lidl Northern Ireland is the first retailer to bring these own-brand four ingredient milk alternatives to the local market.

Lidl Northern Ireland’s new range of high protein products and high-quality milk alternatives are available in the retailer’s 41 stores across the region.


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