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Larne RNLI rescue kayaker in water near Portmuck Harbour

RNLI crew


Larne RNLI were requested to launch on Friday evening (7 July) at 5.24pm to reports of a person in the water at Portmuck. 


Both of Larne’s lifeboats launched and made their way towards the casualty's last reported location at Portmuck. The casualty’s kayak was discovered roughly half a mile north of Muck Island but no sign of any person nearby.  


The all-weather lifeboat, Dr John McSaprron, continued the search for the casualty and found them in the water near to Portmuck Harbour holding onto their kayaks paddle being supported with a buoyancy aid.  


The casualty was quickly recovered into the all-weather lifeboat where they were checked to ensure they were not injured or suffering from any effects of being in the cold water. Apart from feeling cold, the casualty was well and in good spirits.  


Meanwhile, the smaller inshore lifeboat, Terry, had been requested to recover the casualty’s kayak from the earlier reported location north of Muck Island.  

Once the kayak had been recovered, the inshore lifeboat met up with the all-weather lifeboat, where the casualty was transferred into the smaller, more manoeuvrable lifeboat so that they could be brought to the shelter of Portmuck Harbour.  


Upon reaching the harbour, the casualty was transferred across to the care of Portmuck mobile Coastguard team.  


Speaking after the call, Larne RNLI’s Operation Manager, Allan Dorman said:

"We’d like to thank the member of the public who called the Coastguard when they saw the casualty fall into the water. Without their timely call this could have had a very different result.

"It’s essential when you plan to go on the water that you have a buoyancy aid or any form of flotation device and important to make sure you have a way of contacting the shore should you get into difficulties on the water. Remember, if you see anyone in trouble at sea, contact 999 or 112 and ask for the Coastguard."


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