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Larne RNLI assist two people in 17ft fishing boat suffering from engine trouble

Larne RNLI’s inshore lifeboat, Terry, was launched at the request of Belfast Coastguard to assist two people in a 17ft fishing boat with suspected engine issues.

Launching the lifeboat into a strong sea breeze, the volunteer crew made their way towards the casualty vessel which had dropped their anchor at Browns Bay near Islandmagee as the people onboard were concerned that they could drift into a shipping channel.

Upon reaching the casualty vessel a volunteer crew member was put onboard to ensure that the two people were safe and well and to establish a tow line so that the boat could be brought into the shelter of Ballylumford harbour.

As the lifeboat came closer to Ballylumford harbour, the tow line was changed to an ‘alongside tow’ so that greater manouverability was available to allow the casualty vessel to be secured in the harbour. Once secured, the casualties were handed into the care of the Portmuck Coastguard team.

Upon returning to station, Philip Ford-Hutchinson, Larne RNLI’s deputy launching authority, said:

“The sea conditions today were very deceptive, it was a lovely sunny day, but the wind had really picked up. Thankfully the casualties were well prepared and able to put down an anchor in time to stop them from being at the mercy of the wind and tide. Both of the people onboard were wearing lifeajckets and knew to call the coastguard on 999 (or 112) when they were in trouble.”