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Police warn individuals will be dealt with robustly after Lifebuoy removed at local river

Police in Mid and East Antrim have warned those responsible for removing a lifesaving device near the River Braid in Ballymena, that they will be dealt with ‘robustly’.

The extremely careless case of vandalism came to light after local councillor, Rodney Quigley was contacted by a member of the community to report the Lifebuoy was recently removed and thrown into the river in the area of the Ballykeel bridge.

Councillor Quigley said that it was “sad that in todays society someone finds it amusing to remove the Lifebouy” and throw it into the river. With recent heavy rainfall, the device was carried downstream and could not be retrieved.

“I received a message that this had happened, and thanks to Council’s Marinas team, it was replaced very promptly,” the councillor continued.

“Can I remind anyone involved in this type of unacceptable behaviour that the river at the Ballykeel Bridge is very deep and the Lifebouy is there for that reason. By not being there it may well cost someone their life.”

Police acknowledged Cllr Quigley’s actions to have the lifesaving aid replaced, and also issued a warning to those responsible for the vandalism.

A police spokesperson said:

“We would like to thank Councillor Rodney Quigley and Mid & East Antrim Council Harbours and Marinas department for replacing the Lifebuoy which is located at Sainsburys, Larne Road Link, Ballymena.

“The previous Lifebuoy was removed and thrown into the river.

“To the person/persons responsible, please remember that the Lifebuoy is there for a reason and could be needed in an emergency.

“It is not appropriate to remove or vandalise it. If any individuals are identified engaging in this behaviour they will be dealt with robustly.”


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