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Celebrate the gift of nature with the Woodland Trust’s guide to a greener Christmas

Are you dreaming of a green Christmas?

With the devastating impacts of the climate and nature crisis making headlines on a daily basis, many of us are thinking of ways we can make a difference this year.

To help, the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity the Woodland Trust, has compiled a guide to simple ways we can all join the fight for nature and climate and reduce our impact on the environment during this year’s festivities.

Kelly Tanner, products and retail manager, said:

“We all want to do our bit for the environment but sometimes it can feel a little overwhelming, especially at this time of year when everyone is so busy.

“But there is a way we can all make a difference. Supporting the work of the Woodland Trust as we shop is a fantastic and easy way to help fight climate change and nature loss and tick tasks off our Christmas list.

“There are many gorgeous gifts and every single purchase supports woods, trees and wildlife across the UK.”

For more activities, ideas and ways to help support the work of the Woodland Trust, be sure to check out the daily advent calendar on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @woodlandtrust

• Ditch the glitz

Buy eco-friendly cards and gift wrap. The Woodland Trust’s range of Christmas cards and wrapping paper is FSC-certified and guaranteed to be plastic and glitter free.

• Give a tree a home

A tree is for life, not just for Christmas, so what better way to join the fight against climate change and celebrate the gift of nature than by planting your own tree at home. Go for holly or yew sapling for a colourful Christmas vibe or choose a fruit or nut tree to give wildlife a tasty treat.

• Buy greener gifts

We’re all looking for simple ways to reduce, re-use and recycle and the Woodland Trust shop makes it easy. The family pack of beeswax wraps means you’ll never need to fiddle with rolls of plastic wrap again. Or scrub up with this gorgeous range of chemical-free handmade botanical soaps.

• Go plastic-free and save trees

Support woods and trees with every sip with this reusable insulated drink cup made from recycled plastic coffee cups. Proceeds from the sale of every Now Cup go to the Woodland Trust.

• Choose a ‘virtual’ gift

Virtual gifts are the ultimate environmentally friendly present for anyone who really wants to go green. Your donation to the Woodland Trust will directly help trees, woods and wildlife and could be used to plant trees, create a hedgerow or keep bluebells blooming.

• Waste not, want not

When the festivities are over, what can you do to avoid sacks of rubbish ending up in landfill? From how to recycle wrapping paper and cards, to disposing of your Christmas tree, the Woodland Trust has the answer.


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