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Irwin’s Muffins get a makeover as new Veda variety steps up to the plate

First, they sliced it and now they’ve turned it into a muffin.


Irwin’s Bakery is expanding its line of family favourite muffins with two new flavours - Veda and Orange and Cranberry - hitting the shelves this week across Northern Ireland.


The latest innovations from the Portadown based bakery aim to give families more choice and the products have secured listings at major retailers including Tesco, SuperValu and SPAR NI.


After more than 100 years in business, Irwin’s continues to spearhead Northern Ireland’s muffin market with shoppers favouring the brand over competitors for more than a decade.


The new lines are the latest in a string of announcements from the family firm, after securing £3.5 million in new contracts over the past year.


Bronagh Moore from Irwin’s Bakery said:

“The new products are packed full of flavour and will provide consumers with the perfect blend of sweet and savoury for any occasion. The new muffins are ideal for back-to-school snacks, breakfast or a weekend brunch and it’s a great time to diversify one of our most popular products.


“As a business, we are continually assessing our customer needs and this new range shows our commitment to investing in new product development. We wanted to put a modern twist on a long–established range and give people something to talk about. Adapting our famous Veda recipe into a convenient muffin is a fun way to do that.

"We sliced it back in 2011 to much controversy but if that proved anything it was how much the people of NI love Veda, so we’re hoping this new muffin will keep many a breakfast table happy this Autumn.”


Irwin’s is the 5th* biggest food brand in Northern Ireland and continues to be a family staple in many households with customers continually repurchasing its products.


The company aims to strengthen its customer base with a stream of innovative ideas planned for the next 5 years to further enhance its range.


Irwin’s Orange and Cranberry, and Veda flavoured Muffins are now available in major retailers across Northern Ireland.


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