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Northern Ireland star tours the Emerald Isle in a new two-part series airing next week



Northern Ireland star, Adrian Dunbar, is set to present a new two-part series produced by Belfast company, Afro-Mic. In the new Channel 5 series airing next week, Adrian Dunbar is reconnecting with his roots as he travels the wild and rugged west and north coasts of the island of Ireland.

Covering over 600 miles Adrian visits breath taking locations, drives beautiful coastal roads, sees fantastic feats of engineering and tastes amazing cuisine. He meets up with old friends and makes new ones along the way. Adrian shares some of his favourite places and fulfils ambitions as he makes it to locations he’s always wanted to see.

Belfast based Afro-Mic Productions, were commissioned in early 2020 to make this two-part travelog for Channel 5. Afro-Mic Productions are fast becoming a key player in the UK TV industry, receiving seven commissions over 2020 from Broadcasters including Channel 5, Channel 4 and the BBC. As pre-production at the company progressed during February and March, so did Covid-19, initially making the possibility of shooting the two-part series seem unlikely.

However, by working closely with First Option on Covid-19 protocols, in addition to receiving expert guidance from Tourism Ireland and funding support from Northern Ireland Screen, managing director Emma-Rosa Dias and the Afro-Mic Team produced an ambitious and beautiful series.

Shot during September 2020, with a skeleton film crew as the first lockdown restrictions eased, Adrian discovered awe inspiring sights, fantastic feats of engineering and of course, caught up with a select group of his old friends along the way. Maintaining safe filming was a priority on the shoot, but so too was doing justice to the inspiring scenery. Thankfully, due to a fantastic crew and of course, seasoned professional Adrian, capturing the sheer beauty of the Irish Coast was never in doubt.

Episode 1 opens with Adrian standing over the perilous, churning waters of Mizen Head, the most Southerly point of Ireland. It’s a scene to behold, and the majesty of Ireland’s coastal landscape represented here remains for his entire journey. As Adrian moves steadily north towards County Sligo, he passes through the counties one by one. Along the way he samples some of the West coast’s incredible food and sites of historic importance. Scenes such as the Skellig Island’s are a must-see. Few have visited the UNESCO world heritage site, and on the Island, Adrian is introduced to a monastic settlement over 600 years old. Naturally, Adrian’s journey home wouldn’t be complete without him meeting some close friends. In both episodes of the series, he meets friends from years gone by, and they reflect upon the important role that the Irish Coast has played in their lives. Episode two takes the viewer to Northern Ireland. Adrian passes into Northern Ireland from Donegal by ferry, and proceeds along the world renowned Antrim North Coast. It’s here he finds legends of the mythic kind at the Giants Causeway, and in human form when he meets motorcycle super star Michael Dunlop.

Afro-Mic’s series ends with the serene beauty of the Mourne Mountains, a range of enormous peaks which sweep down into the Irish Sea, where Adrian sums up his journey in style surrounded by the landscape that inspired CS Lewis to create Narnia. For the Channel 5 viewer in Lockdown, Adrian Dunbar’s Coastal Ireland is a wonderful escape, reminding viewers of the incredible locations that aren’t too far from home.

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