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Housing Executive funding helps Cullybackey tackle isolation

Housing Executive Good Relations Officer John Read pictured with members of the Cullybackey Senior Citizens group. (Photo by David Pettard).


Cullybackey’s older residents are learning new skills and forming friendships at a club designed to reduce the effects of isolation, thanks to a Housing Executive community grant of almost £1,000.


Members of the Cullybackey Senior Citizens club meet every fortnight and have a different activity and speaker for each session they attend.


Workshops range from craft making sessions and flower arranging to gentle exercise classes and learning about organisations such as the Dogs Trust charity. The group has 28 registered members and plans to have two outings per year.


The Covid-19 pandemic had a significant impact on older people, especially in terms of increased isolation. With lockdowns and social distancing measures put in place to slow the spread of the virus, many older adults found themselves cut off from regular social interactions and support networks.


It is hoped the project will reduce the effects of social isolation and improve both the physical and mental health of local residents while helping them to develop their interests and hobbies or learn something new.


Carol Stewart from Cullybackey Seniors said:

“This project is aimed at those who may feel isolated or vulnerable, particularly after Covid. We found that some people were a bit reluctant to leave their homes after the pandemic and some have experienced increased mental health issues.


“We are helping to tackle these issues by providing a friendly and welcoming atmosphere and encouraging people to come along and benefit from a diverse range of speakers, activities and most importantly company with each other.


“The club provides a vital service within the local area and we’d like to thank Housing Executive Good Relations Officer John Read for his help with securing funding for it.”


Housing Executive Good Relations Officer John Read said:

“We are happy to provide funding for a project that can contribute to improving mental health and well-being while also providing local people with a chance to learn a new skill or take up a hobby.


“Many of the participants in this club are Housing Executive tenants but projects like this benefit the whole community.”


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