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Heritage signs to be erected at houses built for ex-servicemen after the end of World War I

Irish Sailors’ and Soldiers’ Land Trust stone sign on wall

A total of 173 homes were constructed in Antrim and Newtownabbey borough for ex-servicemen after the end of World War I, councillors have been told.

Heritage signs are to be placed at these locations after a request to the borough council by History Hub Ulster to mark the centenary period of the creation of these houses and a “significant period in local history”.

In the borough, these are located at Kemmill Hill Park, Randalstown; Bourlon Road, Antrim; Menin Road Antrim; St Quentin Park Glengormley; Ypres Park Whiteabbey; Cambrai Park, Whiteabbey.

Building was initiated by the Irish Local Government Board and continued by the Irish Sailors’ and Soldiers’ Land Trust. It took place mainly in small estates near cities and towns.

The organisation constructed more than 2,700 houses across the island of Ireland during a 15-year period.

A report to the council’s Community Planning Committee said: 

“As part of the British Government’s programme for national reform and reconstruction after the end of the Great War, provision of housing for ex-servicemen was provided  in Ireland during a time of acute housing shortage in the 1920s and 1930s.”

Airport Ulster Unionist Alderman Paul Michael BEM proposed approval for the installation of signs, saying it would be “an opportunity for education”. The proposal was seconded by Antrim DUP Cllr Paul Dunlop BEM.

The signs are to be installed at a cost of £3,000.


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