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HELP | Local donation hub set up to help families in Ukraine

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

As the Russian aggression against the people of Ukraine continues, a number of donation hubs have been established across Northern Ireland, where people can donate items that will be transported to help those people and families impacted by the war.

Locally in Ballymena, a donation hub have been set up and will be grateful for any of the following items:

• Clean blankets, bed clothes, sleeping bags

• Personal hygiene goods

• Towels

• Ready to eat canned food not requiring heating or further cooking)

• Nappies

• Milk powder for babies

• Dressings, bandages (factory packed)

• Warm socks, new underwear (male, female and child)

• Toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, antiseptic hand gels/sprays etc)

• Toilet roll and paper towels, sanitary towels, wet wipes

• Paper plates, cups, single use cutlery etc.

• Dry food (fruits, nuts, crackers, cornflakes, rice crackers etc)

• Coffee, tea, salt, sugar

• Bottled water, juices and other beverages

Dr Monika Tobolska from Rockfield Medical Centre in Ballymena, along with sister Joanna Tobolska-Walczuk, have appealed to the local community for help.

“Due to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine we will be organising an emergency collection of the most needed items for the war refugees.

“Lots of people, often with small children, are fleeing to the eastern border of Poland, near our hometown Lublin. We will be linking with the refugee centres located in and nearby.

“If want to donate, but have no transport, please get in touch as we will have some capacity to collect.

“Any help will be very much appreciated.”

Collection points will be open from Monday until Friday, between 1pm and 6pm.

• Rockfield Medical Centre

73-75 Doury Road,


BT43 6JD.

Tel: 07513 888 454


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