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Health Minister announces recognition for long service given by firefighters

Health Minister Robin Swann has announced that firefighters who have served the community for periods of 30 and 40 years are to be given additional recognition.

The Fire and Rescue Service Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, recognising 20 years of service, honours firefighters for their dedication. Now, new 30 and 40 years’ service clasps have been approved by Her Majesty The Queen, with the Royal Warrant governing the medal having been rewritten to reflect these.

The Minister said:

“The Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service has a long and proud tradition of serving the community with great dedication and bravery, working swiftly, effectively and above all selflessly in the face of danger to save and protect people in the worst of circumstances.

“NIFRS is an integral part of the health and social care family and I wish to express my appreciation and admiration for all those who have served and those who continue to serve, many for several decades.

Therefore I am pleased to announce the introduction of new clasps for The Fire and Rescue Service Long Service Good Conduct Medal, for 30 and 40 years’ service.

“These clasps will be added to the existing 20 years’ service medal and are another wonderful opportunity to recognise the commitment and service of firefighters who tirelessly serve our country.”

The 30 and the 40 years of service clasp are in cupronickel bearing the inscription “Long Service, Thirty Years” and “Long Service, Forty Years” respectively, which will be worn on the ribbon of the 20 years’ long service medal.

A Royal Warrant governs the conditions under which the LSGCM can be awarded. The medal is awarded to operational staff of Fire and Rescue Services in the UK who have rendered long and meritorious service. In accordance with the Royal Warrant, the medal should be awarded to individuals who have completed the qualifying period and where their character and conduct have been very good.


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