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Golden oldies: Dogs Trust Ballymena calls on people to give older dogs fur-ever homes

With this weekend marking the International Day of Older Persons (Saturday 1st October 2022) and Grandparents’ Day (Sunday 2nd October 2022), Dogs Trust Ballymena, is shining a spotlight on its OAPs (Old Age Pooches) in the hope that people will open their homes as well as their hearts by rehoming an older dog. 


Whilst many people often want to rehome younger dogs and puppies, older dogs have just as much love to give the right owners and these refined older pooches make the perfect canine companions for people looking to provide a cosy retirement home for them to spend their golden years in. 


Conor O’Kane, Ballymena Rehoming Centre Manager said:

“Sometimes older dogs can be overlooked in favour of younger pups, but they deserve just as much attention and care from new owners as their younger counterparts.  


“There are lots of benefits of rehoming an Old Age Pooch. Often older dogs don’t need quite as much exercise and although they can be a little less energetic, senior canines can be just as fun and playful.  


“Older dogs are more likely to be fully house-trained and, as they are older and wiser, they usually know other training basics too, but you can certainly still teach an old dog new tricks.  

“They can also make the perfect napping partner and enjoy a good snooze and a snuggle in the evening”. 


The top three breeds of older dogs (aged eight and over) that were taken in across all Dogs Trust Rehoming Centres between August 2021-2022 were Jack Russell Terriers, Crossbreeds and Staffordshire Bull Terriers. 


At Dogs Trust Ballymena older dogs looking for a loving new home to rest their paws include Casper and Hollie


Crossbreed Casper is a great doggy companion. He is a very sweet natured and clever boy who can be shy on meeting new people. He is housetrained and loves a snuggle once he gets to know you. His favourite toy to play with is a ball. He loves company so doesn’t like being left alone so is looking for a home with people who are around for most of the day.


Crossbreed Hollie is a special sweetheart.  She loves nothing more than a cosy bed and the company of her carers. She really enjoys her dinner time and is very good at pretending she has skipped a meal or two. Hollie likes a stroll and a sniff around, but she won’t be signing up for a marathon anytime soon. She loves a peaceful life and requires a home with a garden which she can potter around in.


If you think you could help Dogs Trust Ballymena show that age is just a number by rehoming an older dog, please visit: 


Over recent months, Dogs Trust has received a record number of calls from people needing to rehome their dogs in the face of the new cost of everyday living. To be there for all dogs who need help, the charity is looking for dedicated foster carers who can offer immediate support and help out with cuddles and a comfy sofa until theyfind their forever home.

If you're a dog lover, but not able to take on the commitment of rehoming a dog, but would be interested in fostering a golden oldie, please visit:


To find out more about caring for an older dog, please visit: 


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