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Golden Oldies: Dogs Trust Ballymena calls on dog lovers to prove age is just a number

Black and brown Jack Russell cross

With this weekend celebrating Grandparents Day (Sunday 1 October) Dogs Trust Ballymena is shining a spotlight on its OAPs (Old Age Pooches) in the hope that people with a dog-shaped hole in their lives will open their homes as well as their hearts to a gorgeous golden oldie. 


Since June this year, almost 40% of people wanting to adopt a dog of a specific age from Dogs Trust were looking for a four-legged friend under six months, compared to just 10% looking for a dog aged eight and over.* 


But the Dogs Trust Ballymena team is hoping that these golden oldies will buck the trend and prove every dog really does have its day.  

Black and brown Jack Russell cross running

Conor O’Kane, Manager at Dogs Trust Ballymena Rehoming Centre said:  

“Sometimes older dogs can be overlooked in favour of younger pups, but they deserve just as much attention and care from new owners as their younger counterparts.   


“There are lots of benefits of rehoming an Old Age Pooch. Often older dogs don’t need quite as much exercise and although they can be a little less energetic, senior canines can be just as fun and playful.     


“Older dogs are more likely to be fully house-trained and, as they are older and wiser, they usually know other training basics too, but you can certainly still teach an older dog new tricks.   


“They can also make the perfect napping partner and enjoy a good snooze and a snuggle.”  

Black and brown Jack Russell cross with toy


Eleven-year-old terrier cross Max is a golden oldie waiting to find a family to spend his twilight years with.  Max is a brilliant boy who is very affectionate and especially loves back scratches. His favourite pastime is playing fetch with a tennis ball so if you play with him, you will instantly make a new pal. He is looking for a quiet home, with a secure outdoor garden where he can play. In his previous home he lived as the only dog so that is the preferred option for his new abode. 


 Conor added:


“Grandparents Day gives us the chance to put our golden oldies in the spotlight and we’re hoping this weekend sees Max’s special someone fall in love with him and realise he is their forever four-legged friend.” 


Black and brown Jack Russell cross walking

If you think you could help Dogs Trust Ballymena show that age is just a number, please visit: 


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