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Get Boosted Now text message to go out from Boxing Day

From Boxing Day (26 December) people in the UK will receive a text message reminding them to get a booster vaccine to in a bid to protect the population from the spread of the Omicron.

Almost 32 million people - over 60% of adults in the UK - have now had their COVID-19 booster.

The expansion of the booster programme continues at a rapid pace, with all adults able to get their life-saving jab by booking online or by visiting their nearest walk-in vaccination centre.

While two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine provides strong protection against the Delta variant, data from the UK Health Security Agency shows vaccine effectiveness against symptomatic infection is substantially reduced against Omicron with just two doses over time - but a third dose provides between 60% and 70% protection against symptomatic infection from Omicron two to four weeks after the booster is given.

It is vital to get a first and second jab, in order to be eligible for a booster to get the vital protection against Omicron.

Health and Social Care Secretary Sajid Javid said:

“We are texting this Boxing Day for all eligible adults to Get Boosted Now. It has never been as important to get protected with the booster – so whether it is in between turkey sandwiches or before the Boxing Day fixtures, whatever your traditions make the booster a part of them this year.

“Millions of vaccine slots are available through the festive calendar so if you’re not boosted and you get this text, take up the offer and get vaccinated.”

The Government has thanked the UK Mobile Network Operators for their “assistance in helping deliver the vitally important Get Boosted Now message.”


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