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Freeze on public transport fares announced in light of cost of living crisis

Infrastructure Minister Nichola Mallon has taken the decision to freeze fares on the public transport network due to the ongoing cost of living crisis facing individuals and families across Northern Ireland. Minister Nichola Mallon recognises the impact that inflation is having on the cost of living for the citizens of Northern Ireland as consumer prices rose on average by 5.5% in the 12 months to January 2022 with warnings that further increases are likely.

This action will go some way to alleviating further price hikes from hitting those struggling across the Northern Ireland. Speaking today, Minister Nichola Mallon said:

As Minister for Infrastructure, I have taken the decision to freeze fares on our public transport network at this time to ensure that our citizens who rely on public transport will not face additional pressures on their cost of travel especially when citizens and families are facing the challenges of the cost living crisis, with food, fuel and energy prices climbing.

“I hope this decision will go some way towards alleviating the problems many are facing at this challenging time. As leaders we absolutely must do all in our power to help our communities and particularly through the current living cost crisis. Public transport will not add pressures to those spiralling costs for people on my watch. “That said, I also hope that this measure may also encourage more people to use public transport as we make Northern Ireland a sustainable place to live, work and socialise.”


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