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First Minister talks about what’s next with primary school leavers

First Minister Arlene Foster during a visit to Brooklands Primary School in Dundonald. She is pictured with teacher Mark Henry taking part in a question and answer sessions with Year 7 pupils. (Photo by Kelvin Boyes / Press Eye)

First Minister Arlene Foster visited Brooklands Primary School in Dundonald yesterday.

During the visit, the Minister took questions from a Primary 7 class in what will be their final few weeks as primary school children.

The children discovered that the First Minister’s favourite animal is her family's pet cat called India (which is named after her favourite country outside Northern Ireland), her favourite takeaway food is Chinese, with honey chilli chicken being her preferred dish. And she likes bright colours, with her favourites being red and blue.

Speaking afterwards, Mrs Foster said:

“Regardless of what’s happening elsewhere, a visit to a school never fails to lift my spirits. Meeting young people is always a humbling, but invigorating experience.

“The pandemic has been a disruptive period for everyone. But in particularly for our children, who we have called upon to show so much resilience in their young lives.

“The P7 class is getting ready to leave the familiar surroundings of primary school and engage in the next chapter of their educational journey. It’s inspiring, particularly for me personally, that they look to the unknown future with both hope and enthusiasm. There is a lesson in that for every one of us.

First Minister Arlene Foster during a visit to Brooklands Primary School in Dundonald. (Photo by Kelvin Boyes / Press Eye)

“Alongside this, it’s not every day I get asked what my favourite animal is, what takeaway food I like, or to name my two favourite colours.

“The energy and optimism of the next generation should give us all reason to be positive about the future.

“I would like to thank all the pupils and staff at Brooklands Primary School for their invitation, and the warmth of their welcome today. I hope these children will carry the affectionate memories of primary school with them throughout their lives. I know I will look back fondly on my visit to Brooklands PS.”