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Firmus Energy tariff reductions start today

Customers of Northern Ireland’s largest supplier of natural gas, firmus energy, will start to benefit from price reductions as from today, 1 January 2023.


The tariff for customers in the Ten Towns Network area will be reduced by 20.52% and by 17.60 % in the Greater Belfast Network area. 


This will reduce the average cost by £8.831 per week in Ten Towns and by £7.922 in Greater Belfast. 


On an annual basis, this will save customers £460 and £410, on average, respectively.


In addition, from 1st January 2023, the UK Government’s Energy Price Guarantee (EPG) Scheme will further reduce the price customers pay by 3.893 pence per kWh, providing up to a further 27.60% reduction  on top of firmus’ lower tariff, providing even further savings for firmus energy customers.


Welcoming the price decreases, Niall Martindale, Chief Executive Officer of firmus energy said:


“firmus energy is pleased to be able to introduce this price reduction.


“Throughout this challenging period, we committed that as soon as market conditions allowed us to lower our prices we would do so, and today we are pleased to confirm that we have done so.


“The Government’s EPG scheme will provide even further savings and we welcome the additional support it is providing to our customers at this time.”


Customers seeking advice on their natural gas bills or direct debit payments should contact the firmus energy Customer Services team on 0330 024 9000 or  

For free and independent advice on how to save energy please contact NI Energy Advice Line on 0800 111 4455.



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