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Firmus Energy confirm details of price cut for domestic gas customers in NI

Firmus have confirmed a number of details around the delivery of the government's Energy Price Guarantee and much-needed price cut for domestic gas customers in Northern Ireland.

The government set out the plan of action in recent weeks to support people and businesses with their energy bills in light of the current cost of living crisis facing communities across the country.

In a response to a request from Love Ballymena, Firmus Energy has confirmed today that the cost of gas will be reduced for customers from 1 November 2022, bringing a saving of around £11.70 per week.

A spokesperson for Firmus Energy told Love Ballymena:

“We welcome 'The Energy Price Guarantee Scheme' which will provide much needed assistance to our domestic gas customers and 'The Energy Bill Relief Scheme' which will assist our business gas customers.

"Currently under the Energy Price Guarantee Scheme effective from 1 November 2022, Domestic Gas customers will receive a 4.826p per kWh discount. On average, this equates to around £11.70 per week saving for a typical domestic gas customer. Saving will obviously depend on individual usage patterns.

"The Energy Bill Relief Scheme for Business customers effective from 1 October 2022 will discount business customer bills up to 9.1p kWh."

In addition to the above all eligible households in Northern Ireland will receive a one-off £400 discount on their electricity account via the Energy Bills support Scheme.

Initially the scheme to reduce household energy bills was set to run until October 2024, but this has been revised by the government so that the current support scheme will end on 31 March next year.

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt announced that a Treasury-led review will be launched to consider how to support households with energy bills beyond March 2023.


1) When will the price reduction be introduced for Firmus Energy customers in NI?

Answer: 1 October 22 for non-domestic, and 1 November 22 for domestic, with higher rate of discount applied to align with GB discount applied from 1 October.

2) How much of a saving will this equate to on a average weekly bill?

Answer: Based on average annual usage for a Ten Towns PAYG of 12,000 kWh and 4.826 p/kWh rate of discount, the saving per week will be £11.70.

3) The scheme was introduced by the government on 1 October 2022. How will Firmus Energy customers be reimbursed for the time between 1 October and the price reduction being implemented on 1 November?

Answer: The GB rate of discount from 1st October 2022 is 4.2 p/kWh, Northern Ireland gas customers are receiving a higher rate of discount from 1st November 2022 to reimburse for the delay in the implementation of the domestic scheme.

4) How many units of gas will a Ten Towns PAYG customer receive for £10 top up from the 1 November 2022?

Answer: 6.5 units

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