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Fiddle & Fife exhibition in Belfast TradFest highlighting rich musical heritage of MEA

The ‘Fiddle and Fife’ exhibition, will be featured this year at the Belfast TradFest, and will highlight the rich musical heritage which thrived in the Mid & East Antrim area, focussing on the music as shared locally, performed on stage and played for traditional dance.

With a wide range of musical instruments on display, The Fiddle and the Fife also explores the crossover with marching band music and Lambeg drumming.

The exhibition will be launched by Willie Drennan & Johnny Murphy with a group of local musicians from the Mid and East Antrim area, on Monday 25 July at 3pm, in Ulster University, Belfast.

This exhibition and launch are kindly supported by Mid and East Antrim Borough Council, with the grateful support of David Gilliland of the Ulster Scots Community Network and Jayne Clarke, Museum and Heritage Manager for Mid and East Antrim Borough Council for their efforts in supporting this event.

Date | Monday 25th July

Times | 15:00

Location | Ulster University, Belfast

For more information please visit:


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