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“Disgusted” - Cllr Christopher Jamieson condemns weekend’s vandalism in Broughshane

Lifebelt cabinet on river path

Braid Councillor Christopher Jamieson (TUV) said he is "disgusted" after a spate of wanton vandalism along the river path in Broughshane over the weekend.

Photos shared online show a lifebelt has been removed, while a bin attached to a metal pole was pulled out of the ground, and items strewn across the river bed.

The award-winning village, known for it's beautiful blooms and clean swept streets, is the pride of many residents and army of volunteers who work hard throughout the year to help maintain its charm.

Councillor Christopher Jamieson, speaking on Monday morning, 19 June, said:


“I am disgusted by this weekend’s vandalism in Broughshane around the banks of the river Braid.

Bin torn out of ground on metal pole


“Not only has this resulted in unnecessary expense in relation to the clean up but some of the vandalism is positively life-threatening. 

"One does have to wonder about what goes through the mind of someone who decides to steal a lifebelt – a piece of equipment which could conceivably be required at anytime by anyone, including those behind this vandalism.


"It is particularly concerning that this incident has occurred during the summer months when we have been experiencing good weather. During the heat, the temptation for members of the public to get into the river is stronger than usual and while the flow in the Braid may not be as strong as at other times of year, with warning about heavy rain and thunderstorms that could quickly change.


“I would appeal for anyone with information about this vandalism to contact the police.”


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