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DfI issues advice for road users as industrial action continues

Tyre tracks in snow

The Department for Infrastructure is reminding all road users to continue to exercise caution due to the cold weather conditions and ongoing industrial action.

Road workers will remain on strike until Thursday 25 January which significantly restricts the volume of gritting that can be carried out from the 19-24 January and disruption should be expected until warmer weather arrives.

A Met office warning for snow and ice remains in place until 10am on Friday 19 January which means that the road network will remain hazardous for travel, particularly for those travelling on Friday morning. 

While some gritting is taking place this evening and overnight this will be confined to the main roads only and drivers may still encounter some portions of their route that are gritted and some portions that are not. 

Road users are therefore being asked to think carefully about the need to travel on Friday and, if travelling, are advised to exercise caution particularly when travelling on untreated roads.

Gritting will continue to take place on the M1 and M2 motorways, the A1 and the A4.  However, road users are reminded that roads leading to the limited salted part of the network will not be treated so extreme caution will be required for anyone travelling on any part of the road network. 

Even where gritting has taken place the Department can never guarantee ice free roads due to potential wash-off from showers and the formation of black ice so please drive slowly and be prepared for changing conditions.

Throughout the course of the industrial action until next week other essential services including repairs of serious defects, response to incidents and obstructions including flooding and drainage issues will also be significantly reduced.

The Department will continue to prioritise, where possible, the most urgent incidents and we will keep our advice to the public under review.


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