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Death On The Tracks | Vinny Hurrell presents new series examining teen’s death in Portrush

Heavy winds and rain batter the seaside town of Portrush in January 2009.

Fourteen-year-old boy Ryan Quinn’s night out has gone badly wrong. He lies on the railway tracks in front of an oncoming train.

Less than two miles away, his father becomes aware his son is in danger and starts running to the tracks on the other side of town.

It soon becomes clear, what happened that night and afterwards – is not as it first appears.

Assume Nothing: Death On The Tracks, produced and presented by Vinny Hurrell, includes interviews with members of Ryan’s family, police interviews and statements, inquest statements, eye witness accounts and archive BBC content.

Assume Nothing: Death On The Tracks Saturday 7 January on BBC Radio Ulster, 12pm

Entire series will also be available on BBC Sounds

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