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Darren Campbell attempts to become first person from Ireland to go from £0 to £100K inside 30 days!

Ballymena man Darren Campbell

Ballymena man Darren Campbell

Taking any business to even £100K in just a few years is not easy, but Darren is putting himself through the ultimate test by attempting to generate $100K in just 30 days by selling just one product on Amazon.

Why put himself through so much pressure publicly and something so incredibly challenging that’s never ever been done before?

To show people all over Ireland just how powerful and real an online brand and business truly is now.

Some people believe that Darren no longer sells on Amazon and is solely focused now on helping other people from his country launch their own brands.

But this couldn’t be any further from the truth.

Not only does Darren have 5 brands on Amazon right now…

For this 100K in 30-day challenge he will be leveraging his first and original brand ‘Outlantis’ which got him 1st started selling on Amazon. Giving his followers and viewers a full 100% transparent look inside the launch of one of his online brands.

Darren knows there is quite literally so much that could go wrong with this.

  • The market could crash

  • He could face a compliance issue on Amazon

  • The Amazon algorithm could change

And he could massively embarrass himself in front of 1000s of people!

But Darren hasn’t gotten this far and achieved what he has achieved in life by worrying about ‘What could go wrong’.

He had only worried about what can go right.

And even though he’s facing the biggest challenge of his entire life to date, he will still inspire thousands.

Show people what’s possible. And shatter beliefs into a million pieces, while encouraging others across the country to wake up to a new world of possibility.

Darren will be documenting this monumental challenge on his Instagram page where anyone can tune in to watch him and his team at The FBA Brand Builder launch this brand to 100K in 30 days in real time.

If you want to show your support or watch him along this journey over the next month make sure to head over to Darren_thebrandbuilder on Instagram and give him a follow.

It’s going to take a lot of heart to be able to do this - so he is going to need all the help he can get.

Good Luck Darren!


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