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Choir moves from studio to multi-storey carpark for awesome acoustics and safe singing

A County Antrim community choir has found the perfect home in a multi-storey car park over the last few months, and with the combination of beautiful singing and brilliant acoustics, heads have been turning as the sounds have flowed out across the city streets.

Born out of necessity during the pandemic, Lisburn Community Choir has taken up a new residence at Graham Gardens multi-storey car park in Lisburn.

On Monday nights, when shoppers and workers have driven home, the carpark comes to life with the sound of music as the inter-denominational choir of 100 adults, and 30 primary school children in the children’s choir, practice classics from ABBA pop to James Bond anthems.

Originally the move was temporary, but due to the fresh air, ability to socially distance and the incredible acoustics it has become a more permanent affair.

“Passersby are regularly treated to live music echoing out of the various parking levels and it’s causing quite a stir,” said Síle O’Kane, who loves to listen to the vibrant sounds and singing that brighten what has been a dark time for many.

Lisburn Community Choir was formed and exists say Choir Director Julie Harper, that, “Through singing, people of all religions, race and cultural diversity can share a community spirit - a sense of belonging, where no-one is lonely or feels uncared for. Where the shared love of music and singing brings companionship, mutual support and a smile to every face.”

Graham Gardens, Lisburn, has been very happy to facilitate the choir in their carpark, knowing the importance and purpose of the community group for the many people involved.

Manager Maurice Hammond said:

“We are delighted to facilitate Lisburn Community Choir at Graham Gardens multi-storey carpark.

“When the pandemic struck it became clear that they couldn’t operate safely within a confined space.

“The choir bring a lot of fun and vibrancy, with singers from across the community ranging from 7-70 years old. With the bonus of incredible acoustics wafting through the multiple levels into the streets at night, it has been wonderful to creatively use our car parking facility to bring a new dimension to Lisburn City Centre.”

Announcing the choir’s newly released Christmas video, Choir Director Julie, added:

“We’re back, and what a term it has been! We are so grateful to Graham Gardens for facilitating our choir rehearsals from September in their carpark.

“We have learnt a new repertoire and had great fun! We are excited to launch this Christmas promo video! Thank you all for your support.”


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