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COVID App certification now available for under 16-year olds in NI

The COVIDCert NI app that provides official proof of your vaccination status has now been updated to cater for 11-15 year olds.

This will allow younger people to display their COVID travel certificates on their phones.

Vaccination and recovery travel certificates for this age group are applied for by parents and guardians. They are available in pdf format for downloading and printing, or in paper format provided by post, with applications via the NI Direct website.

Thanks to the new feature on the COVIDCert NI app, 11-15 year olds now have the convenience of displaying their certificates on their own phones.

This involves downloading the app and simply scanning in the certificate obtained by their parent or guardian. This will also assist those travelling with groups of young people - such as teachers on school trips - by providing a digital backup to printed certificates.

The new feature on the app also allows young people to display a COVID Recovery certificate - the official record of a positive PCR test.

To date 905,613 COVID travel certificates have been issued in NI to support those who wish to travel. Anyone travelling abroad is strongly advised to check in advance for any COVID vaccination or testing certification requirements for the countries they are visiting. Health Trusts are continuing to provide COVID vaccines for young people aged five and over.

Check Trust websites and social media feeds for details of their latest clinics.

Parents and guardians can apply for Vaccination and Recovery certificates for young people. This involves logging into your nidirect account and then choosing the option “Apply for someone else”. As part of the validation process, you will be required to upload a photo of the young person’s passport.

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