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COVID-19 Infection Survey | 17,800 people estimated to have virus at end of last week

The Department of Health today published the next in the series of weekly results from its COVID-19 Infection Survey (CIS).

The findings set out in this report relate to modelled positivity estimates for NI for the week up to the 6 November 2020. The aims of the CIS are to estimate how many people have the infection and the number of new cases that occur over a given time as well as estimating how many people have developed antibodies to COVID-19.

The survey over time will help track the extent of infection and transmission of COVID-19 among people in the community population (those in private residences).

Key Findings

Due to the relatively small number of tests and positive swab results within our sample, credible intervals are wide and therefore results should be interpreted with caution.

  • During the most recent week of the study (31 October – 6 November), it is estimated that 17,800 people in Northern Ireland had COVID-19 (95% credible interval: 11,500 to 25,800).

  • This equates to 0.97% of the population (95% credible interval: 0.62% to 1.41%) or around 1 in 105 people (95% credible interval 1 in 160 to 1 in 70).

  • This is based on statistical modelling of the trend in rates of positive nose and throat swab results which suggests that although the number of COVID-19 cases in Northern Ireland had increased in recent weeks they now appear to have levelled off.

  • In the latest six-week period, there were 12,002 swab tests taken in total from 4,585 participants. Of these, 72 participants tested positive from 52 different households.

  • In the latest two-week period, of the 2,690 participants in the study, 30 tested positive from 24 households.

This publication is available online at: