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Council agrees to reduce deliveries of food caddy liners to households across borough

Food caddy liners in brown bin lid

Deliveries of food caddy liners to Mid and East Antrim households are to be reduced from three to twice annually as the borough council moves to cut costs.

The decision was reached by the council’s Environment and Economy Committee at a recent meeting.

Currently, rolls of 50 liners for food waste are delivered to households in the borough three times a year during bin collections to enable the average household to use two liners per week.

It is anticipated the reduction will result in a 30 per cent saving and will allow for the use of just one bag weekly. It will mean a saving to the local authority of almost £50k. Currently, this provision has a budget of £172,500.

Options considered by councillors were three deliveries during brown bin collections at a cost of almost £150k, two deliveries at a cost of £100k during brown bin collection days or £114k for two deliveries during a black and a brown bin collection.

Councillors agreed caddy liners will be delivered twice a year, once on a black bin collection day and another on a brown bin collection day by bin lorry crews.

Of the 68,000 households in Mid and East Antrim Borough, 61,200 black bins are presented to be emptied and 47,600 brown bins.

A report to councillors indicated this option would “reduce the number of liners provided free of charge while still ensuring that the service provided meets the needs of residents”.

It stated: “The council’s priority in relation to food waste is to reduce the volume generated. This is better for the environment, the residents and helps to reduce processing costs for council.”

Councillors have voiced concern previously householders may place food waste in black bins if there is any reduction and suggested the “more people who participate in this scheme, the greater the savings to be made on tonnage going to landfill”.


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