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Community Rescue Service NW200 Truck Run: Celebrating truck enthusiasts & supporting a great cause

NW200 Truck Run 2024

The highly anticipated NW200 race week will kick off with an exciting new addition to its lineup of events!

The NW200 Truck Run, a celebration for all truck enthusiasts and families, will take place on Saturday 4th May 2024 at the University Of Ulster Campus in Coleraine.

The NW200 Truck Run promises an unforgettable experience for truck lovers and spectators alike. It starts at 11am with an open viewing of the vehicles for the public at the University Of Ulster Campus in Coleraine until 2.30pm, before participants embark at 3pm on a lap around the iconic NW200 circuit in all its glory, ready for race week, making this a unique opportunity to witness some of the finest show and working trucks in Northern Ireland all in one place.

This event is not just about showcasing these fantastic trucks; it's also about coming together and supporting a great charity in the Community Rescue Service as the official charity of the North West 200 in 2024.

The NW200 Truck Run is dedicated to raising funds and awareness for this vital life-saving charity. By participating in the event, attendees will contribute to a fantastic cause while enjoying a day filled with fun and excitement.

Commenting on the event, organisers have said:

"We're incredibly passionate about the road haulage industry in Northern Ireland, and the NW200 Truck Run is our way of celebrating both bringing together truck enthusiasts for a day of fun while also raising much-needed donations for such a fabulous charity, who save lives all across Northern Ireland. And, of course, who wouldn’t like a trip around the famous NW200 circuit, especially when it’s all decked out for Race Week!

"We invite everyone with a truck or van to join us and participate in something special."

Whether you're a truck enthusiast, a racing fan, or simply looking for a unique experience to kick off race week, the NW200 Truck Run offers a fantastic opportunity to witness these incredible vehicles' power and beauty while supporting a worthy cause.

For more information or to register your truck or van for the NW200 Truck Run, visit the official website

NW 200 Truck Run 2024


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