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Co Antrim villagers welcome resurfacing works after “long term neglect” of eight years

Villagers have welcomed the commencment of resurfacing works this week in Clough, County Antrim, after what was described as “long term neglect” of the village’s main street by the Department of Infrastructure.

The potholed road surface has been a frustration for the rural community, that has grown with each winter in recent years delivering further deterioration for motorists.

Local TUV Councillor Christopher Jamieson wrote to the Department of Infrastructure last month about “the horrendous condition of Clough main street”.

Mr Jamieson commented at the time:

“Obviously winter weather takes its toll on road every year but this the longterm neglect of this street is clear for all to see.

“Everyone appreciates that staff and budgets are under pressure but this is a residential area, a road lined with homes, which should never have been allowed to get into anything like this state.”

After eight years of fighting to have the road resurfaced, villagers were delighted to see contractors arriving on Friday morning (11 February), equipped with the new JCB Pothole Pro, the only of its type on the island of Ireland. With a price tag of around £150,000, the machine is currently on trial.

Clough Community Association member Victor Gibson told Love Ballymena:

“The villages’ residents welcome and are so pleased to see the work being carried out on the main street here in Clough.

“It has been eight years of getting small patch repairs. Thankfully now, after much campaigning by myself and other villagers, help from TUV councillors, and with Love Ballymena highlighting the issue, the village is getting what it needed - completely resurfaced.”


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