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Challenging times see number of redundancies at McKeever Hotel Group

The McKeever Hotel Group, a family run business with a number of hotels across County Antrim and one in County Donegal, has this evening confirmed that it has made a number of redundancies as a result of the challenges widely experienced by the hospitality industry in the past months.

The group is made up of the Adair Arms Hotel (Ballymena), Corr’s Corner Hotel (Newtownabbey), Dunsilly Hotel and Dunadry Hotel (Antrim), and Dillons Hotel (Letterkenney).

Although the actual number and location of redundancies are unknown at this stage, a spokesperson for the McKeever family said, “We are delighted that we are able to secure all jobs at our hotel in Ballymena.”

Speaking to Love Ballymena, the spokesperson continued:

“COVID 19 has had a huge impact on the tourism and hospitality industry and it is devastating that as a Company we have had to make a few redundancies across the Group. It is never easy losing great talent but we are thankful that despite challenging times that these have been minimal with no redundancies in Ballymena.

“The Chancellor’s announcement this evening has been hugely welcomed and it is hoped that this along with support from our loyal customers will see us back to pre COVID employment numbers sooner rather than later.

“It is widely acknowledged that it will take time for the sector to recover but we are working hard with tourism partners to attract visitors to the areas in which we operate for the benefit of the community and wider tourism industry.”


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