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Chairman of Duality Healthcare responds to ‘dire situation’ in NI’s health and social care sector

Inset: Chairman of the Duality Healthcare Group, John McEvoy


From the Chairman of Duality Healthcare Group, John McEvoy

As Chairman of the Duality Healthcare Group, I was recently asked to comment on the dire situation regarding the health and social care sector in Northern Ireland, which featured in a recent edition of ITV News.

As Minister Robin Swann highlighted this week, it is an extremely difficult and worsening financial position for health and social care services in Northern Ireland with the year ahead being largely focused on damage limitation. The risk of service breakdown is real and growing in a range of areas, with expectations and demands of health and social care that cannot currently be met.

On the current trajectory, the situation is getting worse rather than better.

At Duality Healthcare, the company philosophy is simple - ‘Affordable and Accessible healthcare for all’.

As you will see in this news piece, as Chairman I firmly believe that the offering the team at Duality Healthcare provides can assist, not hinder, the struggling health and social care sector in Northern Ireland by alleviating significant pressures in the system; reducing waiting list times; and providing an outlet for rapid face-to-face and virtual access to urgent and primary care services for those who need it across Northern Ireland.

From an accessibility standpoint, as the fastest growing primary care provider in Northern Ireland with three clinics in Newry, Ballymena and Omagh and a further three opening in 2024 in Belfast, City of Derry and South Armagh, we provide a range of services province-wide to suit ones preference, either face-to-face or virtually.

From an affordability standpoint, our memberships to avail of further significant discounts on services such as ultrasounds, echocardiograms, annual medicals etc. start at just £14.99 for an entire family.

We also provide Corporate Packages for small, medium and large businesses across the province which start at just £9.99 per employee.

By accessing these memberships, or with company’s signing up to cover their employees for health coverage with Duality Healthcare, we believe this will alleviate the pressures in the health system and allow the NHS in Northern Ireland to stabilise and continue to provide the service which we all cherish it for.

If you would like to discuss a corporate package for your company whether small, medium or large, please reach out to the Duality Healthcare team at

For individual or family memberships please visit:


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