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NI Water investigate possible pollution incident on River Braid

A local resident’s photograph of the discharge flowing into River Braid.

Northern Ireland Water crews quickly responded on Tuesday, 18 January, after a report of possible sewage discharge into the River Braid in the area of the Ecos Nature Park, Ballymena.

A local resident was alarmed when he looked out the window of his home yesterday morning and witnessed a cloudy substance, believing it to be sewage, flowing into the local river from a tributary with NI Water assets.

The resident reported an hour later that the water began to clear. Commenting he said:

“I am frustrated that this can happen. There can't have been high demand. If it came from my house I would face a fine. It has happened on a few occasions. Anybody sent to inspect now won't see much.”

Following the the crews investigation into the incident, a spokesperson for Northern Ireland Water told Love Ballymena:

“NI Water contractors and crews attended the Eaton Fields area, near the River Braid, Ballymena on Tuesday 18 January to investigate a report of a white substance floating on top of the River Braid.

“NI Water field technicians were promptly on site on Tuesday 18 January and returned on Wednesday 19 January to investigate further. On arrival, the white substance had disappeared.

“At no time throughout the investigation did NI Water crews observe sewage effluent.

“NI Water are confident the white substance was of an unidentified nature and did not emanate from their assets, which on thorough inspection were found to be operating normally.”

The water was clear when NI Water crews attended.

Concluding, the spokesperson said:

“NI Water would like to take this opportunity to appeal to residents in the area to be vigilant; if you have any concerns about suspected pollution activities in the area that could impact the River Braid, please report it to the Northern Ireland Environment Agency’s (NIEA) 24/7 pollution hotline on 0800 80 70 60.”

A Mid and East Antrim Borough Council spokesperson said:

“We are aware of a potential pollution incident at the River Braid and we are working with the relevant agencies to investigate.”


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