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Left out in the cold… Police support dog warden to rescue Collies in Garvagh

Police officers have supported the local dog warden in a operation to retrieve a number of Collie dogs in the Garvagh area. They have named one of the pups ‘Lucky’ as it was the only one to survive among it’s abandoned siblings.

A spokesperson for Police in the Causeway Coast and Glens area commented:

“Today these dogs where found and retrieved by the dog warden and taken to Benvardin Kennels.

“The first collie mum and her pups where located on the Glenbuck Road, Garvagh and the second little collie was located at Ballynacally Park in Garvagh.

“The second pup found has obtained the name ‘Lucky’ as they were the only pup to survive amongst its siblings when the dog warden arrived.”

Thanks to the efforts of everyone involved in the rescue, police have said all of the dogs are now lodged and cosied up in Benvardin Kennels for the night were ‘they’ll be lovely and warm, and well fed’.

Police have encouraged the public to be responsible over the care of pets and to take proper steps to rehome animals that can no longer kept.

“If you ever have a dog or puppies you can’t or don’t want to care for anymore please do not abandon them,” a police spokesperson urged. “There are places like Benvardin Kennels who will take them and rehome them. Huge thank you again to the dog warden and Benvardin Kennels!”


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