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Carson Project HEAT team make a splash with Braid River cleanup

Volunteers from the Carson Project’s HEAT group (Harryville Environmental Action Team) took the opportunity recently to remove a number of items that were carelessly discarded in the local stretch of the Braid River.

The lads from HEAT now carry out an annual clean of the local river in the area of the Braid Water Retail Park and Harryville Bridge, and took to the water on Friday (28 January) when the river level was low.

The dedicated volunteers were encouraged by members of the Harryville community passing by who appreciated their efforts in helping to keep the area tidy, as well as maintaining and nurturing a welcoming, safe habitat for wildlife along the river.

The team removed a number of shopping trollies, bicycles and other general rubbish.

Local Independent Councillor Rodney Quigley commented:

“Although the River Braid runs through the retail park, there's still a great deal of wildlife living within this stretch of river.

“It is important that our rivers are kept free from the discarded materials which we have seen in the Braid.

“I find it hard to understand why people continue to carry out this sort of behaviour considering the impact it has on our wildlife.”

Cllr Quigley concluded: “The Carson Project would like to thank everyone who passed-by for the encouragement shown to our volunteers during the clean up.”


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