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Car with front wing secured by dog lead stopped by Interceptor Team in Belfast

Police ANPR Interceptor Team officers, assisted by colleagues from Police North Belfast, stopped a vehicle on Wednesday night (8 December) and discovered a ‘make-shift’ quick fix, of a dog lead attached to the front wing.

After the vehicle was stopped on the Crumlin Road in the city, it was examined by a police Authorised Officer (Vehicle Examiner), who deemed it to be in a Dangerous condition.

One of the officers said:

“Yes, that is the front drivers side wing/fender secured to the front structural part of the car with… a dog lead, yes a dog lead!!!

“On this occasion the driver of the vehicle was escorted home by Police and the vehicle must now be repaired to a safe/satisfactory standard before being driven on the road again.

“If observed being driven in this condition the driver may face prosecution for using a vehicle in a dangerous condition.”

ANPR Interceptor Teams drive cars fitted with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras.

As a vehicle passed the ANPR camera, the registration number is read and checked against database records of vehicles suspected to be used by criminals, and provides alerts to officers.