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New film captures local connections to Lough Neagh

Colin Ross, Larry Cowan and Thomas Pollock of Lamb Films, interviewing Maynard Cousley of NI Water on the shores of Lough Neagh, for a short film about the Lough and its shoreline which will be released in the new year.

A film crew has been filming the length and breadth of Lough Neagh in a bid to showcase the Lough and its shoreline in a short film which will be promoted by The Lough Neagh Partnership.

Local people have been interviewed and footage has been captured of the various species that live in and around the Lough.

Set for release early in the new year, the film explores the range of habitats and species, the importance of the Lough to human population and the work of Lough Neagh Partnership in sustaining the Lough and its shoreline for future generations.

Ciara Laverty, Ranger of Lough Neagh Partnership, said:

“This film is being produced by Lough Neagh Partnership to capture the uniqueness of Lough Neagh and showcase the habitats and species that call Lough Neagh home.

“The film will also give a voice to the local people who live on the shoreline of the largest freshwater lake in the UK and Ireland.”

Lough Neagh has a number of environmental designations due to the presence of important habitats and species. There are 15 species of fish found in its waters and it is home in winter to wildfowl, whooper swan, pochard, tufted duck, scaup and goldeneye.

Ciara added:

“Some people wouldn’t know where these birds and fish come from, why they make Lough Neagh their home and how many miles they travel every year.

“This film will explore the intricacies of their journey and educate the viewer in some fascinating facts about what life is like on Lough Neagh.

“Spokespeople from Lough Neagh Partnership will also speak of the essential work carried out by the team to sustain the heritage, culture, flora and fauna for future generations.”

Representatives from NI Water and the local fishing industry will also feature in the film.

The film is intended to promote a better understanding of conservation and management issues on the Lough and will be released early in the new year.

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