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Boost Drinks launch new flavour with help of Frew’s News

Gareth Hardy of Hardy Distribution and Linda Moore of Frew’s News, Ballymena, launch Boost Drinks’ new Energy flavour Tropical Fruit Sour Punch to the popular Juic’d range.

Widespread demand of Boost Juic’d in Northern Ireland has led soft drink giant Boost Drinks to expand the range here with the introduction of new flavour – Tropical Fruit Sour Punch.


The launch is the latest addition to the three existing energy drinkflavours launched in 500ml cans in May in response to the current largest selling can segment.


Now more than ever, sales of 500ml cans are booming with a 28% growth (worth £232m1) resulting in the 500ml can segment being the fastest growing category in energy drinks.


In the first four weeks of launch of Pineapple & Guava Punch, Mango & Tropical Blitz and Watermelon & Lime Twist Boost Drinks sold 50,000 cases which makes It one of the most successful launches in Boost history.


Gareth Hardy from Hardy Distribution, Boost's exclusive distributor in NI, said:

“Sales of Boost Juic’d has provedextremely popular and showing no signs of slowing down. Therefore, we are excited to launch a fourth flavour to the family with Tropical Fruit Sour Punch. Customer feedback highlights that the £1 price mark and super tasty flavours make it very appealing to the NI public.”


Linda Moore, Store Manager at Frew's News, said:

“Boost Juic'd has been flying off our shelves this summer! Everyone loves it especially Pineapple & Guava Punch and Mango &Tropical Blitz. We display the Juic’d range alongside other 500ml cans so consumers can decide for themselves if they want to take advantage of the unbeatable value. We look forward to introducing the new flavour to the display.”


Adrian Hipkiss, Marketing and International Business Director at Boost Drinks, said:

“Due to the unbelievable feedback and sales to-date of our new Juic’d range, we wanted to add a new bold flavour. The release has performed fantastically so far, which goes to show the value in listening to the huge demand from customers and consumers for a new brand in the 500ml can space.


When surveyed, 74% of consumers saw Juic’d as being something ‘new and different’ to the existing category2. So, we’re really excited for the launch of Tropical Fruit Sour Punch as we believe it adds something unusual and exciting to the range and the category as a whole.”


The range is available to buy for just £1 RRP, with the goal of helping retailers to communicate great value on fixture, amidst increased consumer price consciousness, while still delivering excellent margins.


The brand will be continuing to activate a cross-channel marketing strategy with touchpoints across OOH, digital advertising, PR, social media as well as a creative activation.


Boost Drinks’ Juic’d – Tropical Fruit Sour Punch, Mango & Tropical Blitz, Watermelon & Lime Twist and Pineapple & Guava Punch are available in wholesalers nationwide in 12 x 500ml cases.

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