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Bills set to rise for Electric Ireland customers

Electric Ireland logo with light bulbs.

The UK Government announced yesterday a change in the Energy Price Guarantee (EPG) support rate, from 13.608 pence/kWh to 3.7697 pence/kWh which comes into effect from 1st April 2023.

While the UK Government is still continuing to support energy bills, the change in the EPG support rate means that residential customers will face an increase in their electricity cost.

This change in EPG will be partially offset by a 9.2% reduction in Electric Ireland’s underlying tariff also effective from 1st April.

Overall, these combined changes will mean the typical weekly bill will rise from £20.35 to £24.02 (based on average consumption of 3,200 kWh per annum).

Bill Coyle, Northern Ireland Residential Manager said:

“We are acutely aware, with the changes to the EPG support rate that this continues to be a very challenging time for many of our customers. Our announcement today will help lessen the impact of these changes and we are writing to inform our customers".

"Electric Ireland’s customer care team works closely with a number of organisations including Age NI, Advice NI and NEA who can also provide support for energy users during these difficult times.  


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