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Paisley and Wilson to seek meeting with PSNI over MEA council office raid

North Antrim MP Ian Paisley and East Antrim MP Sammy Wilson have released a statement condemning the ‘ongoing harassment’ of the Chief Executive of Mid and East Antrim Borough Council.

It comes after Detectives raided the office of the Council’s Chief Executive on Wednesday (20 October) and reportedly removed computers and files.

In the statement, Mr Paisley and Mr Wilson said:

“The ongoing harassment of the Chief Executive of Mid and East Antrim Council by a number of councillors and some staff aided and abetted by the media deserves investigation by the Ombudsman to determine whether those involved have broken the councillors code of conduct.

“It is ironic that in a week when there has been massive concerns about the abuse of people in public positions that a woman should be subjected to irresponsible treatment by the media who know that because of her position she cannot even defend herself.

“What is disturbing is that the police have now involved themselves in this dispute and although they have not questioned or even contacted Anne Donaghy or seized any IT equipment from her she is being named as a person under investigation. She does not know what allegations have been made.

“She does not know who made the allegations which resulted in police action. She has no platform from which to defend herself whilst public representatives and journalists have free rein to blacken her name.

“It is significant however that the latest moves against her come just before the Council is due to meet to decide on the process which would allow her to defend herself and we have no doubt that the timing is designed to influence that decision.

“We have spoken to Anne Donaghy who is adamant that she has done no wrong and who is convinced that whatever allegations have been made to the police are just another attempt to undermine her so that those who wish to hound her out of the Council can have their way.

“We have worked closely with Anne since she became Chief Executive of the council. Her record is impeccable. Her achievements are remarkable and her dedication to the Council is unquestionable.

“We will be seeking a meeting with the PSNI to ascertain why they have acted in this way and will be asking our members on the Policing Board to raise our concerns with the Chief Constable.”


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