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From Ballymena to Zambia - businessman makes donation to missionary hospital

Ballymena businessman Erroll Andrews, proprietor of Brigadie Blinds, recently made a generous donation of blackout blinds to the Chitokoloki Mission Hospital in Zambia, after hearing of the charity’s needs.

Erroll, who launched his own business ‘Brigadie Blinds’ at the beginning of 2021, was chatting to local man and friend Steven Wallace, who works as a missionary in Chitokoloki, when it came to light that the hospital was in need of blackout blinds for theatre rooms.

After the discussion with his friend, Erroll felt compelled to help out, and decided to donate the blinds needed at the facility.

Commenting, Erroll said:

“I decided to supply these blinds free of charge to the Chitokoloki Mission Hospital as it is such a good cause that makes a massive difference to the people in Zambia.

“My new business venture has been going so well, this also gave me the opportunity to give something back to help those in need”.

Chitokoloki Mission has been in existence since 1914 when missionaries first settled there having travelled up the Zambezi River by barge.

In the early days the access to the site was only via the Zambezi River on barges coming from Victoria Falls and the trip would take upwards of six weeks.

The activities of the Mission developed at different stages, it was initially active as a Teacher training school, later a radio studio was part of the Mission, then local public schools were established and later the Leprosy Colony followed by the general hospital.

According to the Mission’s website, the goal continues to be what it was from the beginning - ‘to share the Gospel and demonstrate the Love of God to all who come, whether it be for spiritual, emotional or physical need, to be a help and encouragement to the local churches and individual Christians and most important, that all that is done, may be to the honour and glory of the Lord’s name.’

You can find out more about the Chitokoloki Mission Hospital by visiting:

You can contact Brigadie Blinds by calling 07795 620 076.


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