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BAZZ DOES IT FOR BALLYMENA LTC | Barry Clarke awarded PTR GB Pro of the Year Award

Ballymena Lawn Tennis Club Chairman and PTR Honorary Member Fergus Barklie (BEM) presents Director of Coaching Barry Clarke with the prestigious PTR GB Pro of the Year Award!

Barry was meant to travel to London to collect this award at the annual British PTR Conference. Fergus gladly represented the organisation to present and congratulate Barry with this achievement.

Congratulating Barry on his excellent achievement, Fergus said:

”Barry has become so professional in organising a very comprehensive range of outstanding events for progressing our extensive number of Junior members form 4 years old beginners to 18 year old senior players.

“Under his guidance for 50 weeks of the year he has at least five fully qualified coaches coaching all ages progressing through the various Standards and every coach responsible to Barry.

“Parents of children are so impressed that they stay and watch the young player’s progression and cannot wait to encourage others to join the club.

“Barry has enjoyed attending Tennis courses / exhibitions in places such as Eastbourne and Paris along with one of his other coaches Ian to add to their knowledge to develop our club.

“In addition to coaching Barry has progressed to organising events for all members of the club such as annual tournaments for Juniors and Seniors and has managed to obtain sponsorship for Trophies which encourages us all to take part.

“I personally created the idea of Social Membership for Adults to increase our senior Membership and needless to say Barry assists them when they wish to improve their standards through rusty rackets.

“Besides the continuous organising of all our Junior Club play he is now providing private coaching for Juniors and senior on a personalised basis.

“On a different front he has become aware of the advantages of publicity and enters considerable photos and information on Facebook and Instagram which is working extremely well.

“Personally I would like to thank his relatives for their many years of support as they first brought him to the club when he was 8 years of age and still help him with organisation of the comprehensive coaching sessions.

“One final point - Barry has now been a member of our club for 18 years as at 27 now and qualified as a PTR coach when he was 18 so a fully professional coach for 9 years. With an outstanding record he is a great asset to our club.”