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ATO attend security alert in Ballymena

Ammunition Technical Officers (ATO) along with police have been tasked on Friday afternoon (2 September) to a residential housing area at the former St Patrick’s Barracks, in the Demesne Avenue area of Ballymena.

A crew from Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service (NIFRS) are also on site.

A spokesperson for NIFRS confirmed that the crew was tasked at 12:12pm to the ‘ongoing incident’.

A number of contractors working in the area have been asked to leave the scene.

A police spokesperson commented:

“Police currently have a cordon in place at a work site in the Demesne Avenue area of Ballymena following the discovery of what is suspected to be old munitions at the site.

“No roads have been closed and there has been no requirement to evacuate any local residents at this time. An operation to ensure the safe removal of any objects is underway. There are no further details at present.”


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