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Asda urges NI customers to become real self-checkers in biggest ever Tickled Pink campaign

Asda staff dressed up to launch the Tickled Pink campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Asda is set to launch its biggest ever Tickled Pink campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, with over 200 exclusive pink products available to purchase in stores.


Now in its 27th year, Asda Tickled Pink is one of the UK’s longest running charity partnerships, and this year the range will see over 200 pink products from over 50 different suppliers hit the supermarket shelves.


Sales of the products will help to raise vital funds for charity partners Breast Cancer Now and CoppaFeel! supporting new breast cancer treatments, vital education, and life-changing support. The campaign will see support from some iconic brands who are turning their packaging pink, including Diet Coke and Heinz Baked Beans.

Asda Tickled Pink products 2023
Asda Tickled Pink products 2023

Asda stores across Northern Ireland will be organising a variety of fun activities to raise funds, such as Asda Antrim who are hosting events in store to raise awareness.


Rosaleen Gaughan, Community Champion at Asda Antrim explained:


“Fundraising for Tickled Pink is always one of our highlights in store, the whole team get on board to raise as much awareness and funds as possible. We want to encourage everyone that comes into the store to get involved in the campaign and ‘check their cans.


“This weekend we will have an awareness table and a sweet treat table where people can donate, and this Saturday 7th October a few of our colleagues are going to have a go on the exercise bike to cycle 30 miles between them. A couple of our fantastic colleagues will also be dying their hair pink for the cause. We’ve raised so much already and people have been so supportive so we’re looking forward to the rest of the month.”

Asda Tickled Pink products 2023
Asda Tickled Pink products 2023

Asda and its suppliers have created exclusive pink products that customers can purchase both instore and online, with a range of Asda own label products available to support the campaign and an exclusive George at Asda Tickled Pink clothing range with 22 different products.


The Asda Tickled Pink campaign works with charity partners Breast Cancer Now and CoppaFeel! and they’re on a mission to make checking your boobs, pecs and chests, whoever you are, as normal as your Asda shop. The aim is to raise funds for breast cancer treatments, education and support. Together, they’re putting breast cancer awareness on everyone’s list.


Throughout 2023, the retailer hopes to raise £7million through product sales and fundraising which is set to be the biggest year so far. The campaign has raised £82 million since it launched in 1996.

Asda Tickled Pink products 2023
Asda Tickled Pink products 2023

Asda’s 2023 survey of its customers revealed that 2 in 5 Asda shoppers regularly check their chests. Yet 24% of female shoppers who have checked before, are forgetting to check regularly enough.  Asda Tickled Pink aims to provide this all important reminder.


Asda’s 2023 Tickled Pink campaign encourages everyone, regardless of age, gender or ethnicity to become Real Self-Checkers and establish a regular breast checking routine. In store POS will share the stories of five men and women who are this year’s Real Self-Checkers and highlight the importance of having a regular breast checking routine through their own personal journeys with the disease.     


Asda reward customers can also benefit from buying products as the retailer launches its very first charity rewards mission, it means that both the charity partners and customers benefit from purchasing the Tickled Pink range. While Breast Cancer Now and CoppaFeel! benefit from the product donations, customers will receive £1 in their cash pot for purchasing four products from the range.


Asda Tickled Pink products 2023
Asda Tickled Pink products 2023

This year’s Tickled Pink collection will be available to buy in Asda stores across the UK and online, from 21st September and will be available throughout October, with either a one-off donation or a percentage of sales donated at a 70/30 split to Breast Cancer Now (Reg. Charity Nos. 1160558 & SC045584) and CoppaFeel! (Reg. Charity Nos. 1132366 & SC045970) respectively.

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