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Appeal for help after holiday that ‘turned into a nightmare’ for Ballymena man abroad

Chris in hospital in Portugal

Chris in hospital in Portugal

A fundraiser has been launched by the family of a Ballymena man whose holiday abroad 'turned into a nightmare' after a freak accident.

Chris Faloon was enjoying time in Portugal with his two children, 11-year-old Jamie and 9-year-old Eva, when he was seriously injured last weekend.

Chris' sister Catherine Faloon explains:

"On Sunday 6th August while playing with Eva in the pool, he banged his head severely on the swimming pool floor when diving in. He lost all control of body movement face down in the pool and helpless, he was drowning.

"Thankfully Chrissy (an ex-lifeguard) regularly teaches his kids lifesaving skills but never did he think he would have to rely on his little princess to come to his rescue. Eva saved Chrissy’s life by turning him over so he could breathe while Jamie bravely got his Uncle Ricky to help."

Catherine continued:

"The ambulance services arrived, and Chrissy was taken to hospital thereafter. He is in excruciating pain and after and MRI scan we now know the extent of his spinal injuries: broken C5, C6, C7 & T6 & T7.

"Chrissy took insurance out which covered up to £10,000,000 for accidental damage but his insurance has failed him. They stated due to not declaring a minor historical injury, they have voided his insurance."

Catherine has expressed her frustration over the decision of the insurance company, saying Chris' "injury has no relevance to a broken back - where is their duty of care to a family man who has done the right thing taking insurance out for his family holiday?"

Chris now requires urgent treatment and the State hospital is advising it could take 3-4 weeks for them to operate, but he needs the operation sooner.

Catherine added:

"The costs are simply unaffordable. We have decided to set up a Gofundme page to help with Chrissy’s treatment aad rehabilitation, and any help at all is gratefully received.

"In the unlikely scenario that we can recoup the outlays ahead be sure to know your donation can be refunded or transferred to a charity relating to spinal injuries at your discretion.

"We all read these horror stories abroad and never think it could happen so close to home."

If you can give, a little or much, to help Chris and his family during this challenging time, please CLICK HERE to visit the Gofundme page.


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