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Ahoghill couple win £100,000 in Cash Call competition

Thousands of people from across Northern Ireland were waiting, phone-in-hand, in hopeful anticipation of a phone call yesterday evening (Friday 25 November) for the £100,000 Cool FM Cash Call competition.

But it was a young couple from Ahoghill who received the coveted call, and who will now enjoy a bank boost this Christmas!

Ian and Esther Gillen, spoke to Cool FM's John Kearns on Friday evening as news sank in of their lucky win, before putting their feet up and enjoying a celebratory Chinese.

Community Nurse Esther had only entered the competition at 4.30pm on Friday afternoon, before receiving the call of a lifetime half-an-hour later. Husband Ian said upon hearing the words, 'Cash Call', initially thought it was a "wind-up", but soon recognised the voice of John Kearns.

Esther explained: "At that point, he (husband Ian) actually walked out of the room, and turned and came back in and went, "It's 100,000 pounds!"

Chatting with John Kearns and Esther, smiling Ian added, "Just incase she forgets - just incase it happened to slip your mind, you know!"

After the call Esther texted some work unbelieving colleagues saying, "I don't think I'll be back. I think I've just won the Cash Call!"

After the initial shock had subsided, and the thought of £100,000 in the bank was a reality, Esther started to plan how to spend it. Esther told Cool FM:

"This will go a long way, we might look into a new home, or perhaps some renovations to the house we live in now. A holiday with the kids would be great too, maybe a cruise or Florida next year."

The couple already had existing plans to visit London next week, so the extra pounds will come in handy.

Video: Cool FM | Esther and Ian chatting with Cool FM's John Kearns following their £100,000 win.

Cash Call returns to Cool FM and Downtown with a brand new total on Monday.


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