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Action Cancer invites you to host a ‘Breast Friends BBQ’ this summer to raise vital funds

L-R Its4women Marketing Manager Kerry Beckett is pictured with Action Cancer’s Community Fundraising Manager, Leigh Osborne.

Action Cancer is calling upon its supporters to combine the lifting of lockdown with fundraising for the charity’s unique breast screening service by hosting ‘Breast Friends BBQs’.

The charity’s screening service is the UK’s only free breast screening service available to women aged 40-49 and over the age of 70 (the demographic that falls outside of the NHS screening age range).

Since reopening in August 2020 following the first national lockdown, the charity has provided over 4500 breast screenings to local women detecting approximately 27 breast cancers.

L-R Its4women Marketing Manager Kerry Beckett is pictured with Action Cancer’s Community Fundraising Manager, Leigh Osborne.

To support the continuation of the service, the charity is asking people to hold ‘Breast Friends BBQs’ over the summer months, in line with the Northern Ireland Executive’s Covid-19 restrictions.

The campaign, which has been ongoing throughout the pandemic, is empowered by local online car insurance company Its4women, which has generously pledged to match money raised by the general public over three years up to a total value of £90,000.

Since its launch in September 2019, Breast Friends has raised over £99,000 which is enough to provide 1,000 local women with a breast screening appointment.

Action Cancer’s Community Fundraising Manager, Leigh Osborne said:

“Pre Covid-19 our Breast Friends campaign appealed to groups of friends to gather together and host ladies’ nights, coffee mornings, fashion shows and other fun events.

“Since restrictions took effect in March 2020, this hasn't been possible and Action Cancer's income has taken a massive hit. As restrictions ease over the summer months, we can all look forward to socialising with friends and family again and a Breast Friends BBQ is the perfect way to do so while raising funds for Action Cancer.”

Every penny that is raised for Breast Friends is matched by Its4women meaning the public fundraising goes twice as far and double the number of women benefit.

Its4women Marketing Manager Kerry Beckett

Its4women Marketing Manager Kerry Beckett commented:

“Its4women and Action Cancer are about to enter the final year of a three-year partnership and we are delighted to reach this fantastic milestone, raising enough money for 1,000 breast screenings. We will be urging as many people as possible to hold a Breast Friends BBQ this summer, so that Its4women can match the fundraising efforts and support more local women in the process.”

Action Cancer’s state-of-the-art 3D Digital Breast Tomosynthesis technology can detect breast cancer in its early stages when treatment can be more successful and also reduces the number of women called for further investigation.

Its4women’s support through the Breast Friends campaign has enabled Action Cancer to screen 1,000 women and as a result detect breast cancer in six or seven local women.

Action Cancer is Northern Ireland’s leading, local cancer charity. It must raise £4m each year in order to deliver its range of cancer prevention, detection and support services. Throughout the pandemic the charity has adapted its services so that they can be delivered online or safely face-to-face with the use of PPE and stringent sanitising measures (in line with government guidelines).

The charity is reliant on fundraising from the general public and local business community in order to keep its life saving and support services running. Action Cancer’s breast screening service is always free to the user. However, each appointment costs the charity £120.

Action Cancer can provide guidance and branded materials to anyone holding a Breast Friends BBQ. For more details or to get an information pack please call Leigh Osborne on 07928 668543 or email

L-R Its4women Marketing Manager Kerry Beckett is pictured with Action Cancer’s Community Fundraising Manager, Leigh Osborne.


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